The entrance to Cascada de las Animas is located in the town of San Alfonso at 31087 Camino Al Volcán approximately 60 kilometers southeast of downtown Santiago. Camino Al Volcán (Volcano Road), also known as Ruta G-25, is a well maintained paved road, and the primary route that traverses through the Maipo Canyon.

Camino Al Volcán continues beyond San Alfonso nearly to the Argentine border, and provides access to a number of spectacular areas including the El Morado National Monument, the Colina Hot springs and the Yeso Reservoir (In case you're wondering, you cannot cross by vehicle into Argentina via this road). If you intend to explore the Maipo Canyon beyond our entrance, be aware that the pavement ends a few kilometers beyond our resort and is often impassable during inclement weather except by four wheel drive vehicles.

How to get here

- Advantages: Comfortable, fast. - Disadvantages: Relatively expensive, variable reliability and price. Taxis are usually black and yellow or all black in color, and display their minimum fare in the windshield and the rate per 200 meters. These fares depend upon the condition of the car, the nature of the driver, and the area serviced. It's a free market so be aware and ask questions beforehand, although most city taxi drivers are trustworthy. Fares are likely to double at night after 9pm, and the more expensive taxis are to be found waiting in front of hotels and other tourist locations. All taxis have meters that should be turned on when you enter the car. If you wish to have a taxi bring you here, it is best to strike up a deal with the driver for a set price rather than a metered drive which will likely be much more expensive. Not all taxis will be willing to do this for a reasonable fee, again, much will depend upon the nature of the driver. Rate: Variable
- Advantages: Easy, fast, comfortable and efficient. - Disadvantages: More expensive for single travelers. This is by far the easiest and fastest method to get here. Our drivers are very familiar with the Santiago metro area and we can arrange to have you met or dropped off by our van at any location in Santiago or the surrounding area including hotels, parks, shopping centers or the international airport. If you are planning to visit the beach or joining a cruise, we can provide transport to or from Viña del Mar or Valparaiso. Our vans can carry up to 6 passengers and their luggage comfortably. To book this service, simply give us a call, or note that you desire this service when booking a reservation using our online reservation forms. The ride from most areas of Santiago to San Alfonso takes about 1 to 1.5 hours. Transfer to Cascada de las Animas with Wine Tour! If you are interested in visiting one of Chile's famous vineyards while in route to Cascada de las Animas, we offer a popular tour to Chile's largest wine producer, 'Viña Concho y Toro' as part of the transfer service. Also included is a delicious lunch, zip-line and guided tour to the Cascada de las Animas waterfalls! For more information on this popular option, click on the link below. Airport Arrivals If you are arriving by international or domestic flight, we will be happy to meet you at the terminal. Our driver will be waiting at the customs exit gate to escort you to the van. Airport transfers generally take about 1.5 hours. Rates per Vehicle *One Way Transport . Santiago - Cascada de las Animas: $120.000 pesos (1-2 passengers) . Airport terminal - Cascada de las Animas: $120.000 pesos (1-2 passengers) for additional passengers (3-6): $15.000 pesos (each additional) *Round Trip Transport . Santiago - Cascada de las Animas - Santiago: $180.000 pesos (1-2 passengers) . Airport - Cascada de las Animas - Airport: $180.000 pesos (1-2 passengers) . Airport - Cascada de las Animas - Santiago: $180.000 pesos (1-2 passengers) for additional passengers (3-6): $30.000 pesos (each additional) *Note: Base prices are for one or two (1or 2) passengers. An additional charge is added for group transport with a maximum limit of six (6) passengers and luggage per vehicle. For groups larger than 6, additional vehicles will be added and the pricing will be adjusted according to the above price list.
- Advantages: Comfortable, fast, inexpensive. - Disadvantages: variable reliability, limited. These are simply taxis that travel a fixed route (like a bus). They are usually black in color and can be distinguished from a normal taxi by the sign mounted on their roof which displays their route. They are much cheaper than taxis and are an excellent alternative if you don't mind walking a bit to reach your final destination. If you want to be dropped off the main route, the driver will usually do this for an additional fee if it is not too much out of the way. Colectivos will drop you off at our main entrance for no additional charge. To find colectivos to Cascada de las Animas, first use the metro subway to get to the Las Mercedes terminal. Las Mercedes is on subway Línea 4 and is the last stop before the end of the line at Plaza Puente Alto. Look for colectivo Linea 4010 or 4014 which originate in front of Blockbuster Video, across the street from the Puente Alto Shopping Mall (Avenida Concha y Toro). These colectivos will take you to San Alfonso and Cascada de las Animas. They will have a roof sign with Cajón del Maipo as their destination and will drop you off at our entrance. These colectivos leave approximately every 10 minutes with departures beginning around 7:00am and continuing until around 8:00 pm. They can carry a maximum of 4 passengers and a limited amount of luggage. The morning colectivos tend to be the ones with fewer passengers so are better for tourists traveling with luggage. Colectivos departing San Alfonso follow the same schedule in reverse. The ride from Puente Alto to San Alfonso usually takes about one hour. Cajon del Maipo colectivos can be found at: Puente Alto Mall ( Las Mercedes metro subway terminal, Línea 4) Rate: $2.500.- pesos per person aprox
- Advantages: Cheap and widely available. - Disadvantages: Slow and sometimes confusing. If you have the time and want to immerse yourself fully into Chilean life, using the local bus system is a great way to go about it. Santiago is serviced by an extensive public bus system and Cascada de las Animas can be accessed from Santiago using this system. The metro system includes the Santiago subway and hundreds of buses. The subway is comfortable, clean, and efficient; and links most areas of the city. The metro bus system, however, can be confusing for the international traveler who does not know the city. City bus maps can be difficult to obtain, but on most main arteries bus stops show the principal destinations of the buses that stop there. All metro buses run specific routes and have the tariff and destination prominently displayed in the front window. It is very helpful to speak some Spanish so that you can converse with the driver if necessary. To get to Cascada de las Animas using the metro bus system, first use the metro subway to get to the Las Mercedes terminal. Las Mercedes is on subway Línea 4 and is the last stop before the end of the line at Plaza Puente Alto. After exiting the subway terminal to ground level, look for the bus stop on Avenida Concha y Toro. Wait for bus Nº 72 with a window route sign to San Alfonso or San Gabriel. Some of the N° 72 buses end their route in San Jose, 15 km short of San Alfonso, so be sure to ask the driver if the bus continues on to San Alfonso. Buses for San Alfonso pass by approximately every 1/2 hour. If the bus ends it's route at San Jose, you will need to take a colectivo or taxi or wait for another bus to get the remaining 15 km to San Alfonso. The entire trip from the Las Mercedes terminal to San Alfonso will take you about 1.5 hours, depending upon the time of day. If you ask the driver, he will be happy to drop you off at our main entrance. Cajon del Maipo buses can be found at: Puente Alto Mall (Las Mercedes metro subway terminal, Línea 4) Rate: $1.500.- pesos per person aprox
A wide selection of rental cars (including four wheel drive traction) are available at the Santiago International Airport and several downtown locations. Current rental companies include Hertz, Avis, Budget, National and Dollar among others.