The Nature Sanctuary Cascada de las Ánimas is located 63 km away from Santiago. It belongs to the Metropolitan Region, Cordillera Province, Commune of San José de Maipo, Locality of San Alfonso.

The Cascada de las Ánimas estate was officially declared a Nature Sanctuary in 1995. It belongs to the Agricultural and Tourism Society Cascada de las Ánimas Ltda.

It is located in the Andean foothills, which is characterized by steep ravines that serve as a natural channel for the drainage of the hydrographic system of the area and high peaks, which give rise to places of great scenic beauty. (De la Maza et al., 1995).

The climate in which the Sanctuary is located is Mediterranean, which covers a large part of the central region of Chile and is characterized by the existence of a rainy season in the winter (May-August) and a relatively longer dry period between months of September and April. Precipitation is typically associated with the passage of frontal systems that move from the Pacific reaching annual average values ​​of 571 mm in San José de Maipo. The average annual temperature is about 14.5 ° C, but the thermal contrasts are strong. In summer the maximum values ​​reach higher than 30 ºC during the day.

The Metropolitan Region with more than 5 million inhabitants lacks natural areas for environmental interpretation and scientific research. This area located in the Maipo Valley offers a unique opportunity to the inhabitants of Santiago and its surroundings for education and at the same time enjoying the contact with nature (De la Maza et al., 1995).

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